We understand our first flyer had alternate rehearsal dates.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The correct dates are listed below, and are correct on the flyer below:

APRIL 8TH- 12 pm

APRIL 22ND- 5 pm

MAY 11TH- 6 pm

MAY 27TH - 5pm

***extra rehearsal- Sunday, June 3rd-10 to 11 am!***

JUNE 9TH (dRESS REHEARSAL)- arrive at 1:50 pm. 



  • Your Call Time is 1:50 pm.  You are set to go onstage at 2:35 pm. Your dance number is #31.
  • We recommend you wear your 'costume' (your slacks, shirt, and dress shoes) during dress rehearsal so you may practice in it!
  • You will not be allowed in the back dressing room area until a few numbers before you go on, as 'Dads' aren't allowed in dressing area.  You may wait in the theater or hallway area until we are on #27. Once you hear we are on #27, you may go backstage (entrance to dressing area and backstage will be shown to you at check-in).
    • Please note, we sometimes run early, so pay attention the dances onstage, and not the exact time you are set to go onstage.
  • You are free to leave after you have performed on stage.
    ***Please note dancer girls will wear their recital costume, and either ballet or jazz shoes.  During dress rehearsal, me and my guy dancers will report to the RED DRESSING ROOM WITH MS. DONNA before they go on stage.


  • If your dancer is in the 1st act, your call time will be 12:00 pm.  If your dancer is in the 2nd act, your call time will be 1:30 pm.  Please arrive in your 'costume', as there is no changing area for 'Dads', unless you want to use the Men's bathroom!

  • You are free to watch the show until #27 (When We're Human) in your seat in the audience.  At that time, we ask you to come backstage to stand in line for your performance.  

    • If you have a dancer in a dance between #27 and #30, you may watch them from the wings on the side of the stage,  If you want to watch from the front, let Ms. Pia know, and you can sit in the Class Mom seats during their performance (we can show you at dress rehearsal if you ask us), and then come backstage after you watch your dancer.

  • You are free to leave after intermission if your dancer is in the 1st act, or after the show is over if your dancer is in the 2nd act.
    • Please note, your dancer should be backstage prior to your Dance, regardless of what act she is in, as their call times are way before you will go onstage.  Their Class Mom is aware of their Me and My Guy Dance, and will bring them to you a few numbers before you go onstage.
    • Please let the volunteers bring your dancer back to their respective rooms for pickup after your performance, as 'Dads' aren't allowed to escort them back to dressing rooms out of respect to the other dancers. DO NOT LEAVE WITH YOUR DANCER AFTER THE DANCE, let the volunteers bring them to the dressing room to collect their belongings for pickup!!!

      What to Wear:

      Per the original flyers at sign up, please wear the following:

      ·         Girls in dance will wear their recital costume with ballet or jazz shoes

      ·         “Guys” will wear dress slacks, white button down shirt, and dark shoes and socks.

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