Why Dance in the Summer?

Dancing in the summer is essential, as your dancer will make the most progress in dance at this time!  Dance students are able to train for many hours and are more focused, not fatigued and stressed by school. Young dancers will quickly gain strength, flexibility, and learn valuable lessons to continue advancing in their art.  For our brand new dancers, summer is the best time to explore your love for dance!

For our current dancers, taking an entire summer off is detrimental to progress; the dancer will experience loss of muscle memory and flexibility, resulting in the regression of the hard work they made all year long! They will not advance technically and may be behind their peers come fall. Dancers level 3 and up are expected to dance in the summer, and all students are highly encouraged to attend summer dance classes to maintain and improve their technique. In addition to rapid improvement, summer dance classes are a great opportunity to meet new friends, experience new classes and teachers, and have fun! Continuing dance all year will allow the students be the best dancers they can be! 

We highly recommend our camp and intensive programs for summer, but due to high demand, we are now offering weekly classes this summer as well!  Keep dancing, keep smiling, and keep learning all summer long!

**Early Bird Discount on Summer classes/camps through May 11th.

**Early Bird Discount on Summer classes/camps through May 11th.


At Intrigue Dance, we know how busy day to day life can be!  For your convenience, we offer our summer payments in one simple fee.  Intrigue also offers monthly payment plans for those that wish to spread their payments over the summertime.  Invest in your child's dance education today!

  • $20 summer registration fee is not included in above fees.  Due upon registration.
  • Classes based on an 8-week session from July 5th-August 27th.
  • One month session available upon request.
  • 2 month payment plan available upon request.  First payment must be made upon enrollment.
  • 1 make-up class offered for summer session.  May redeem in any comparable level class.  May also make up in a summer camp class.  Make-up class must be redeemed within the summer session. No extensions allowed.
  • Families may combine hours exceeding if first child exceeds 1.5 hours of class.

*Please call 312.765.6755, stop by the studio, or click button below for more information!

**Early Bird Discount on Summer classes/camps through May 11th.