Her Tutu is on for breakfast, "Is it time for Dance Camp Mommy?"

She races through the door, her pink ballet slippers shuffling as she joins the circle ready to begin.  Once the music starts, her face beams with joy, twirling to the beat as she feels her body stretch and strengthen.

You can tell by the way she looks at her teacher that camp days are more than just about learning to dance.  Her teacher makes her feel important, encourages her to explore her creativity and day-to-day improves her confidence-not to mention her dancing!

When she gets into the car, she sings along happily to herself before asking you, "Can we go back again tomorrow Mommy?"

You see, helping your child fall in love with dance is only part of what we do at Intrigue Dance.  It's all about creating childhood memories of dance classes you both will cherish for a lifetime.


Your dancer will be whisked away to faraway lands, leap through the skies, and dance through the enchanted forests in this action-packed camp.  Through song, dance, and creative movement, your child will tap up a storm, become a prima ballerina, and jazz their way to stardom.  The session culminates in a mini in-studio performance for family and friends!  As a bonus, they will take home their very own Fairytale music video created during their camp days!




Camp Investment

At Intrigue Dance, we know how busy day to day life can be!  For your convenience, we offer our summer payments in a simple, all-inclusive fee!  No hidden costs, 'extras', or surprises!  All prices include your dancer's participation, craft fees, and registration fees.  Intrigue also offers monthly payment plans for those that wish to spread their payments over the summertime.  Invest in your child's dance education today!

*Please call 312.765.6755, stop by the studio, or click button below for more information!

**Payment plans available upon request.