Intrigue Dance and Performing Arts Center is dedicated to teaching, sharing, and encouraging a passion for the art of dance and performance. Our highly skilled teachers are committed to creating a fun and safe learning environment for adults and children alike. By inspiration, determination, and discipline, Intrigue Dance aspires to "intrigue" people of all levels and backgrounds to follow their love for dance.

When I take class, it literally affects the way I feel, head-to-toe! I have been going to Intrigue for over three years now, and I would give the studio my highest recommendation!”
— Andrea Mishkin



TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30 PM (beginning March 27th)

Incorporating a focused stretch and body strengthening warm-up alongside of a cardio fusion of jazz and modern dance this exciting new class offers a variety of possibilities for adults of all backgrounds, ages, and experience. Come tone, stretch, and get your blood pumping all while learning beginning principles of jazz and modern dance. With a focus on basic isolations, body mobility, musicality, and fun this Modern Fusion class is sure to give you a full body working and leave you feeling accomplished.


Class Schedule

Class Prices

Open enrollment throughout semester. Join anytime!

Adult Pricing

Single Class: $15.00
10 Class Card*: $130.00
10-Week Workshops: $130.00

College Student/Professional Discount
(with College ID/Professional Proof)

Single Class: $12.00
10 Class Card*: $100.00

Unlimited Membership
(Gain Unlimited Access to All of Intrigue's Adult Dance and Workout Classes!)

Membership Fee: $85.00**

Private Lessons and Studio Rental

Private Lessons for all ages: $75/hr
Studio Rental: $45-$60/hr

**Memberships are automatically renewed each month until cancelled. Cancellation requests must be made in writing (or by email to at least 2 weeks prior to membership renewal date.

Please note that when paying by credit/debit card, a $1.00 surcharge will be added on payments under $50.00 and a $2.00 surcharge will be added for payments over $50.00. This surcharge does not apply to payments made through a payment plan.


Class Descriptions


Ballet is the basis of all forms of dance. Ballet gives the dancer the ability to create a strong foundation for any dance style, and teaches proper control, technique, strength, and flexibility.


Jazz encompasses many different styles of music, movement, and creativity. It teaches strength, flexibility, agility, emotion, grace, and perseverance. From contemporary jazz to classical jazz, this form of dance is important in creating a well-rounded dancer.


Tap is a great way for dancers to find their musicality and rhythm. Tap teaches coordination, syncopation, control, and agility. This dance form is very popular and is seen in many musical theater shows and movies.

Hip Hop

One of the most popular forms of dance today, hip-hop is seen in many music videos, movies, and stage shows. Dancers usually dance to current, popular music heard on the radio and wear street attire to class. Hip-hop is fun, creative, stylistic, and sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Musical Theater

This class is for adults aspiring to better their dance ability for musical theater purposes. The class will focus on specific dance vocabulary and different genres of dance that are vital to the auditioning process.


Pilates is a great way to exercise, build core strength, and gain flexibility while improving your mental and physical well-being. This specific technique gives your body a unique workout, and is for dancers and non-dancers alike!

Strength and Stretch

This class offers a great workout for both dancers and non-dancers. It is designed to help increase your flexibility, while maintaining and increasing your overall strength. The exercises taught include strengthening of your core, a wide variety of stretching techniques to enhance overall flexibility and muscle tone, and strengthening exercises for your upper and lower body.


Ballroom Dance refers to partnered dances, enjoyed both socially and competitively. The various dance styles, both American and International, can be seen on television, film, and on stage, and may include Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, and club dances such as Hustle and Salsa. Learning ballroom dances will develop your rhythmical action, maneuverability, poise, performance skills, and the ability to connect to a partner on the floor.


Intrigue’s modern class usually focuses on the Horton technique, which incorporates many elements, including Native American and Jazz dance.  Horton technique incorporates a whole body approach including flexibility, strength, coordination, and freedom of expression.


Contemporary dance ‘borrows’ its roots from ballet, jazz, and modern. Popularized in the mid twentieth century, contemporary incorporates strong leg-­‐work, a profound knowledge of core and torso, release technique, and differentiation in movement and rhythm quality.  Influences are also noted from cultures such as Africa, Japan, and Western Europe.