class Investment

At Intrigue Dance, we know how busy day to day life can be!  For your convenience, we offer our semester payments in a simple, all-inclusive fee!  No hidden costs, 'extras', or surprises!  All prices include your dancer's participation and costume fees in our star-studded annual recital, your semester registration fee, and dance classes for one semester!  Intrigue also offers monthly payment plans for those that wish to spread their payments over time.  Based on a 37 week school year (two 18.5 week semesters), your dancer can take classes from only $6-$16.50 per class!  The more they take, the less you pay (per class)!  Invest in your child's dance education today!

*Use the code FALL2018 to get $30 off tuition for a 1-1.5hr/week class. If your dancer plans on taking more that 1-1.5hrs/week, please contact the studio and we will give you a code for a HIGHER DISCOUNT!